Really, we don’t interview this way… really…

One of my favorite blogs is Worse Than Failure (WFT).   Many of the articles are very interesting.  But gee, you just can't believe everything you read on the web.    Recently, Alex Papadimoulis posted an article titled Job Interview 2.0: Now With Riddles!  I'm not sure where he got is information, but I know the Windows organization (its pretty big you know) Microsoft hasn't interviewed this way in many, many years.

I know because I'm a hiring manager in the core operating system division (COSD) and I've done about a hundred interviews for developers over the last three and a half years.  I've also been through all the interview training.  

Really, we don't interview this way... really... 

Nit Pickers Note: yes of course some oddball might ask a brain teaser every now and then, and your very own personal and genuine experience might have include some thing thought was a brain teaser, but the norm is just a regular, normal, interview.

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