CES – Car Audio

Ok, I'm officially and old fogey - I had no idea how big the car audio business is... its HUGE.  Most of the 409 thousand square feet of the CES north hall was packed full of car audio companies selling anything and fevering for car audio. There array of amplifiers, speakers, thick cables, batteries, small video screens, DVD players, navigation devices, and stereos was jaw dropping in its breadth.

There were super tricked out cars everywhere.  For example, this Scion is probably double its original weight due to all the speakers, amplifiers and LCD displays (it has displays 16 total).

Some cars where so customized I couldn't even determine their original make and model. This one didn't even have a steering wheel.



Many of these cars where just for show, but they also had some other incredibly cool - and fully drivable - show cards.  This Audi has some kickin' intercooled turbos.





This black coup is both subtle and gorgeous.  It has a flawless matt black finish worthy of a stealth fighter.  It was my favorite of the show.

When I was building cars (many moons ago) speakers where important, but the world revolved around amplifiers.  Today, the situation is just the opposite, amplifiers are important, but man-o-man, speakers are KING, especially the big base speakers.  The big ones are beyond big, the are gi-normous.  This one is hanging from a cherry picker... 

However, the single most  amazing thing at the show was the 5.0 Farad 18 volt capacitor.  Yes Lucy, that's a full five Farads.    Holy electrons Bat Man

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