Photosynth viewer code now available as open source

Ahead of our February 6th shutdown we released an offline viewer for most of the content on the Photosynth site last week.

Today we are following through by open sourcing this viewer to make sure it is maintainable by any interested party in the future. Anyone can build their own version of the current viewer or fork the repository and make changes. Start here:


Comments (1)

  1. Thank you, David.

    I continue to ask you to open source Photosynth’s Direct3D and Silverlight viewers for original photosynths.
    I also am asking to export each original synth as a single zip file (perhaps with a .synth file extension).

    I do realize that the original synth viewers were designed to run as ActiveX Internet Explorer plugins, however if the viewers are open sourced, they can be easily modified to run as a standalone viewer app.

    I am not asking Microsoft to spend resources on patching the original synth viewers to run as standalone applications.
    Please just publish the source code for the viewers (and enable us to export original synths with their full data and metadata).

    I remember the demos from when Photosynth was still internal to Microsoft and opening a synth was as simple as double clicking a .synth file and the viewer would open.

    While I do appreciate what you have done for panorama and Tech Preview viewers (thank you!), original synths are an important historical piece of media and every bit as important to me (if not moreso) as panoramas and tech preview synths.

    I want to be able to open my original synths and show them to family and friends exactly as they were when they were first computed.
    Showing people the photo sets I took for Photosynth as put together by alternative structure from motion workflows is not a substitute for me.

    I hope that this does not come across as an ungrateful demand.
    I just don’t understand how Microsoft can leave every user of the original Photosynth out in the cold with no way to save our work in its original format.

    Nate Lawrence

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