Highlights and Geo-Browsing come to the Photosynth Tech Preview

Our  team has been hard at work since the initial release in December and we’re releasing another update to the Technology Preview today.  Highlights of this latest update include:

  • Synth highlights: You can create highlights to annotate your synth.  When looking at one of your synths, you will see a New Highlights button alongside the playback icons in the middle of the player.  Click on this button to create a new highlight.  Highlights support text and links. 


  • Geo-tagging my synths: You can specify a location for the synths you create.  You can provide the location information when creating a new synth or by editing a synth’s information at a later time.  Once a synth is geo-tagged, everyone can see its location.


  • Map view of my synths: You can look at your own synths and panoramas on a map.  Select my mapped synths from the drop-down menu attached to your username in the upper-right corner of the navigation bar.
  • Geo-browsing synths: To help you discover other users’ creations, Photosynth enables you to browse synths and panoramas on a map. From the explore menu in the top navigation bar, click on mapped synths to access this new map view.  Simply search for your favorite city or zoom in to an area that interests you.


  • New viewing experience: The synth player now shows the synth’s information while the synth is loading.  Just click away from the information pane to start playing the synth. 


  • Synth to synth navigation: You can navigate from one synth to another without having to go back to the feed every time.  To jump directly to the next synth in the feed, click on the arrows on the left and right sides of the screen while viewing a synth. 


  • Feed for my favorite synths: To see a feed of all the synths you’ve previously liked, select my favorites from the drop-down menu attached to your username in the upper-right corner of the navigation bar. 


I hope you’re as excited about this release as we are.  What do you think of these new features? What would you like to see in future updates of the Tech Preview?

Happy synthing!


The Photosynth team

Comments (6)

  1. Joscelin Trouwborst says:

    Just great, to start with. Love the new views. Need to explore and play around. lots of work to do to resynth and add the highlights.

    I won't stop wishing for a user settings page instead of the drop-down 😉 .-

  2. natelawrence says:

    More thoughts from Joscelin and the rest of us in the forums:


  3. Matt Bumgardner says:

    Loving the new update.  Really like being able to switch from synth to synth without returning to the main page.  Makes navigating my 10 and 20 part synths much easier.  Can't wait until I can join those into into one big mega synth.

    Also like being able to geo-tag the synths now.  While I won't be able to do that for a lot of mine, it's still pretty cool when I can.

    Synth highlights looks pretty neat.  When I get the time I'm going to go back through some of mine to try to find cool and unusual things to point out.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  4. Gabriel Takacs says:

    Seeing all the content on a map is a great new way to see interesting places. I can't wait to see where the dedicated photographers are able to take these new features.

  5. Michael Jansen says:

    This is really fantastic, thanks to the team for taking Photosynths to a professional level. The ability to "Hotspot" allows you to guide the user through the Synth in the way the author wants to show details that may otherwise be lost. Plus you can link Synths together, see the last frame on photosynth.net/…/164f5a64-5bf7-4799-ad73-da122b8e3918 it links very nicely to the continuation Synth. I did notice that copy and pasting long links sometimes fails, I use Bitly.com to shorten the link. Would be great if there were an option to open the link in a new window, so we don't lose people prematurely. Plus the Hotsposts really does invite people to add there comments directly to the Synth.If links can open in new window it would be a way of allowing sound to be played on the Synth!…Oh Yeah!

    Love it! I really can't wait to see future developments. Do you think we will have something like ICE to enable us to create the Synths offline? and is there a way that I can FTP to your location? Some of my Synths are 2Gig plus and it does need loads of patience. I want to keep the Synths as high a res as possible so don't want to scale them down.

    Thanks to all concerned on delivering the most amazing project on the net…and I don't say that lightly!

  6. junfuentes says:

    This apps is really amazing, two thumbs UP for all the GOOD work guys.

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