Capture like a pro (Part 6): Walk tips

Part 5 covered tips to let you capture great wall synths. This part gives to-the-point tips on how to capture the best walk synths. (Want to know how to start capturing a synth? Begin with Part 1.)

Shoot a walk in the direction of movement of the camera. You can certainly turn corners, but the sharper the corner you turn, the more disorienting it is for viewers. See this 180-degree hook at the end of this otherwise smooth walk.

Kubota Garden Walk by David-Photosynth-Team 

Try not to turn in place—turn gradually while moving forward. Here’s a great example of a walk in the snow toward a church.

Union Common & First Church Marlborough, MA by sergioni 

How many shots you take is very dependent on how much ground your walk covers. In general, more shots tend to smooth things, but too many makes viewing your synth seem laggy or slow in loading, so it’s a balancing act to find the sweet spot. Shoot up to 200 photos, but only if you need that many to cover the space with three-view overlap.

What’s Next?

Part 7 covers how you can capture great panorama synths.

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