Capture like a pro (Part 5): Wall tips

Part 4 covered capturing spin synths. This part gives to-the-point tips on how to capture wall synths. (Want to know how to start capturing a synth? Begin with Part 1.)

Shoot in landscape mode at a wide focal length. Ideally, take wall shots at approximately 90 degrees from the direction of movement of the camera. It’s okay to vary that angle as the scene requires, but do not expect good results if your angle of shooting changes (even gradually) by more than 45 degrees.

Autumn Leaves by wideangle 

In particular, do not start shooting a left wall, then rotate to shoot fully forward or fully backward. If you do, it creates a very awkward viewing experience.

As well as making sure that each point in the scene appears in at least 3 separate images, shoot a few extra photos at each end of the wall. In other words, have a four- or even five-view overlap for some features near the very beginning and the end of the sequence. This should remove any jerky behavior you may otherwise see at the very beginning and end of walls.

What’s Next?

Part 6 covers tips to capture walk synths.

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