Capture like a pro (Part 4): Spin tips

Part 3 covered expert tips that apply to all four shapes of synths. This part gets to the nitty gritty on capturing spin and turntable synths. (New to capturing synths? Begin with Part 1.) Before you start capturing for a spin, try to select some point that you will keep roughly in the center of…


Capture like a pro (Part 3): Expert tips

Part 2 covered the four shapes of synths you can make. Here are some expert shooting tips that apply to all of the synth shapes. (Just getting started? Get a quick start with Part 1.) Rigid Features and Three-View Overlap Photosynth constructs a 3D model by recognizing features (distinct points, usually) present in three or…


Capture like a pro (Part 2): The four synth shapes

Part 1 gave you a quick start. To capture a synth, you need to think about which shape (spin, panorama, walk, or wall) you are capturing before you start shooting. How do you determine what shape to use for a particular location? Start by thinking about the smooth path of photos you will be producing….


Capture like a pro (Part 1): Quick start

The new Photosynth in our technical preview combines the tactile smoothness of a stitched panorama with the kind of motion through space that you see in video from a moving platform, while allowing you to “scrub“ to any location rapidly and to retain access to every pixel from every photo. St. Rombouts-kathedraal Mechelen by HDR-newaddict…