Photosynth for iOS now supports the new Ricoh Theta

Want an even easier way to capture panoramas? Download the latest Photosynth application from the Apple App Store, connect it to a Ricoh Theta, and instantly capture full-360 panoramas with a single tap. The Ricoh Theta is a groundbreaking camera that allows you to freeze a moment in time and space, without needing to frame your shots in any way. Once imported, your panoramas can be viewed and shared just like any other Photosynth panorama. Get more details, including purchase information, at


Blaise Agüera y Arcas, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, discusses the importance of the new Ricoh Theta camera, and announces Photosynth App support of it.

Capture panoramas with a single tap Manage your Theta panos Import them to your Photosynth library


See other highflying Theta panos from this hot air balloon excursion here.

Comments (9)

  1. Any compatibility for this device with Windows Phone ?

  2. Not yet, but we'll get there. We released iOS first only because our iOS developers had time to work on this integration this summer. (Our Windows/Windows Phone developers were heads-down working on getting our capture, stitching, and viewing directly into the Windows 8.1 camera and photo experience. If you haven't seen 360 pano capture and display on a Windows tablet, check it out!)

  3. Xavier Rodriguez Torres says:

    Hi, when I go to the web site to try to buy it, it says "preorder" why? and how can I get a promotional code because is pretty expensive the divice… please help me with that.

    thank you for your attention.

    waiting your soon answer.

  4. SteveS says:

    Can I view images taken on a Theta from my PC using Photosynth?

  5. Gilvan C. Rodrigues says:

    Photosynth is marvelous but the website is outdated. It would be interesting to see a timeline with the synths. I haven't seen a synth on Bing Maps and I think you should develop an app for android to increase popularity.

  6. Mahipal Nehra says:

    !! Practice your bowling skills from the comfort of your own couch.!!

  7. Mahipal Nehra says:

    !! Practice your bowling skills from the comfort of your own couch.!!

  8. Brian says:

    Is there any way to take pictures with the Theta and not upload it through the app? The app uploads too low a resolution of the photo to use for anything. Why can't the photosynth software simply upload the image to use??

  9. @brian. The theta is a fairly low-resolution device. We're showing all the pixels we get from it.

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