Photosynth for iOS goes social

Download the latest Photosynth application from the Apple App Store today and take your panorama experience to a new social level: Explore and discover beautiful panoramas from the Photosynth community. Like, share, and comment on your favorite finds. Then follow your favorite users and tags to build a constant stream of amazing panoramas delivered directly to your newsfeed. Share your panoramas, accumulate likes, comments, and follows, and soon your masterpieces could be featured by Photosynth and Bing to be seen by millions!

Build up your newsfeed Dive into the details Like and comment on your finds

Follow your favorite user

Follow a popular tag

Search & explore the community

Comments (4)

  1. MRiderKenneth says:

    please give us the "delete" local device panos functionality

  2. natelawrence says:


    You should already be able to delete local panos by going to your library in Photosynth's mobile app, long tapping one of your panos' thumbnails, and selecting Delete.

    Please note that it is wise to upload a copy to your account for backup purposes (even if you keep it Unlisted) just in case anything ever happens to your phone.

  3. natelawrence says:

    @Photosynth, looking forward to the social functions coming to your Windows Phone app soon!

    I'm still hoping to see a WinRT app from you guys too, that goes beyond panos and back to synths. =)

  4. Ted Burger says:

    After the last update all my locally stored panos are gone. What happened to them?

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