Bing’s Pano Bling

Did you see the Bing Home Page today?  To celebrate the launch of Windows 8, Bing has a suitably beautiful surprise for anyone running Windows 8 already, or using the latest Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Web browser. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are in Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, France, China, Canada, Spain, or the United States, stop reading this blog post and try it now.



What I am looking at?

You’re looking at the Elbe River from the famous Bastei Bridge in Germany. It was shot by Torsten Schmelling, and published by our partner 360Cities. The Photosynth team wrote the silky-smooth HTML5 viewer that displays the panorama. Try panning and zooming – you should get at least 30 frames/second if you have a reasonably recent computer.


Can I get one of my panoramas on the Bing Home Page?

Yes, but the standard is very high. If you’re a regular user of Bing you’ll know that the home page images are always beautiful, and often stunning. The panoramas that the Bing editors will choose need to be equally arresting. We'll publish requirements soon, but if you think you've got something Bing-worthy, upload it to Photosynth and send a link to us at


Anything else cool happening at Bing to Celebrate Windows 8?

I'm glad you asked! A whole suite of Bing Apps for Windows 8 have been released worldwide today. Details on the Bing blog.


When are you going to use this new viewer on the Photosynth site?

When it’s better than our Silverlight viewer. It’s not quite there yet, as we don’t currently support highlights in HTML5.


David Gedye
Principal Program Manager for Photosynth,

Comments (11)

  1. natelawrence says:


    I was admiring this around midnight and am glad to know of your part in the panorama on Bing's homepage.

    I very much wish that someone on your team would go visit whoever it is that works on IE for XBOX and get them to update their core from IE9 to IE10 in a (timely) update so that your HTML5 viewer will work in IE on XBOX as well as Windows RT tablets; Windows 8 tablets, laptops, and desktops; Windows Phone 8 devices, and whatever older versions of Windows get IE 10.

  2. Ricky Shah says:

    What happened to Photosynth app? I do not see it on WP marketplace anymore

  3. Ricky, I still see it in the English US Windows Phone Store.…/ef860a79-5f68-4ed6-aa21-c038d1a55517

    Which territory's store are you not seeing the app in?

  4. ga says:

    The link to the demo is no longer working?  

  5. @ga The Bing Home Page changes every day, and there is no direct link to past days. There *is* a way to see the previous 7 days of home pages by repeatedly clicking the "<" button in the lower right of the current Home Page. Try it before Friday and you should be able to access the panorama. Follow @Photosynth on Twitter for future Home Page pano announcements.

  6. Ricky Shah says:

    I was trying out the direct link. For me…/ef860a79-5f68-4ed6-aa21-c038d1a55517 is not working…It is showing not found. Even, searching Windows Phone market place doesn't yield anything.

    I came to know about the same from my followe. Can you recheck your link? BTW, I'm from India.  The US (en-US) link is also not working on my side.

    I also heard that Photosynth is lenses in WP8. Is it correct?

  7. natelawrence says:

    Hi, Ricky,

    Try signing into with the Windows Live ID that you use on your phone.

    David Gedye posted an explanation on the Photosynth forum:

  8. natelawrence says:

    Also, Ricky, regarding the Windows Phone 8 version of Photosynth's mobile app supporting lenses, yes, that is correct.

    See this video from Nokia's Lumia 920 announcement and pay attention at 39 minutes and 28 seconds:

    You can also see Photosynth's tile in this screen of apps currently working on updating their apps to Windows Phone 8 at 12 minutes and 25 seconds:

    It also gets mentioned (although not shown) at 44 minutes and 03 seconds

    David also just tweeted this on Twitter:…/264137964353880065

  9. natelawrence says:

    Photosynth's Windows Phone 8 Lenses functionality is also mentioned at 7 minutes in this video:

  10. Ricky Shah says:

    Thanks Nathanael,

    You guys are awesome. I have had a chat with David and he did manage to reproduce the problem on web interface. I see that there is no such problem while accessing WP marketplace from my device. I will try to login the web interface and see whether i'm able to see it or not.

  11. kjb434 says:

    Bing Pano's don't work in the Bing App on Windows 8 or RT

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