Twitter support added to Photosynth for iOS 1.1.3, available on App Store now

It has been ten months since Photosynth 1.0 was released for iOS. We have enjoyed great success on Apple’s iTunes App Store thanks to all the support and 5-star reviews our users have been giving us. Just recently, we passed the six million downloads milestone. We are proud to be the only app in the App Store that can capture and stitch a full 360 x 360 sphere right on the iPhone, free or paid.

Since our last release of Photosynth for iPhone, version 1.1.2, we have been hard at work. We are pleased to announce that Photosynth for iPhone 1.1.3 is now available on Apple’s iTunes App Store. In this release, we have added Twitter support for iOS5 devices. You can now tweet directly from within Photosynth, and include your panorama picture or a link to view your panorama interactively on For avid Twitter users with more than one Twitter account, we also included the ability to switch between multiple Twitter accounts right inside Photosynth. And of course, you can continue to share your panoramas on Facebook, via email, and publish them on Bing Maps and for everyone to enjoy.

We are planning more new features for Photosynth for iPhone. Stay tuned. And happy pano’ing!

Lit Wong

Principal Development Manager

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  1. pocketDragon says:

    so I have to ask, what happend to the windows phone app that was promised for mango. I can appreciate being multi-platform, but the lack of communication isn't comforting.

  2. PhotosynthLover says:

    The Twitter linking is great! Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

    By the way, have you guys considered making an iPad 3 version? Since the new iPad has increased RAM, improved camera resolution, and amazing screen, you guys have a chance to improve the picture quality.

  3. natelawrence says:

    Lit, I just came back across this entry today.

    I'm glad that you finally got Twitter sharing into the app, but I really don't understood why it took ten months. I'm not a programmer, but really how difficult could that functionality possibly be to add? I've watched indie developers create much more functionality in just one weekend. I know that as Microsoft, you need to test and then wait to be approved by Apple, but ten months just to share to Twitter? Come on, now.

    I echo pocketDragon's frustration at the lack of communication over Photosynth's Windows Phone app. Your team could have easily ported at least the viewer to Windows Phone back in 2010. Yes, I know you've said that the live panorama capture wasn't possible on Windows Phone pre-Mango because the camera access you needed was only added in Mango, but that was 167 days ago. How about some news (a blog post with some photos, screenshots, or a video demonstration) on how things are going or a public beta? Speak directly to Windows Phone users in an honest and forthright manner that treats us with dignity and respect. We aren't asking for anything more.

    I can't speak for other Windows Phone customers, but I don't own an iPod or iPhone, nor do I plan to in the future. I am irritated that after 508 days of public Windows Phone availability I still cannot view my photosynths and panoramas on my Windows Phone which is more than capable of rendering the graphics. Someone at Microsoft needs to dedicate time and resources to fixing this as soon as possible with an eye for performance and stability.

    I know that your team does not pre-announce release dates and no one is more aware than me that the Photosynth team has said that you are working on an app for Windows Phone ( ), so I'm taking you all at your word, but it does try the patience to wait through months of silence as we watch iPhone users get update after update. It's hard to not be a bit bitter and say, "Hey, until you show up on Windows Phone with capabilities at parity with what iPhone users had 329 days ago, we really don't want to hear about any more iPhone updates.".

    I don't really care how many members of the Photosynth team use an iPhone as their primary phone. You need to put them down and use Windows Phone exclusively for two consecutive months, to understand what your fans are going through. We love Windows Phone and we love Photosynth. We are fans of Microsoft's work. We just need you to step up to the plate and confirm that you are indeed completing a Photosynth app for Windows Phone as your words have attested. We need you to support Windows Phone.

    Whatever this means in terms of getting developers using different languages or what have you, just take care of it. Invite some developers from the XNA team to come in and implement your code if you don't have any devs currently on your team that are familiar with getting the most out of C# and DirectX on Windows Phone.

    I'm sure you're using OpenGL on iOS and WebGL in Read/Write World's RML viewer, but just because there is no OpenGL support on Windows Phone or WebGL or CSS3:3D support in Mobile Internet Explorer 9 is not a reason to not have a Photosynth viewer for both synths and panoramas on Windows Phone which can launch directly from browsing in IE9, similar to launching panoramas in the iOS app from Mobile Safari.

    Your frustrated fan,

    Nate Lawrence

    P.S. I'm not alone.

  4. Mike.Mathias says:

    wp7 Photosynth app?

  5. lfred says:

    I would also vote + for WP7 app (sooner than later)..

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