Summer Xbox Contest – Week 7 Winner

Congratulations go out to FrancoisPerez for their panorama of the Steel Pagoda in Cambodia.


We're coming up on the halfway point of this contest, but you still have 8 more chances to win an Xbox 360 with Kinect prize package and have your panorama featured in the Photosynth iPhone App.

You can find all the details on how to enter and official contest rules in the Best of Bing feature in the app

Comments (1)

  1. Evanology says:

    So, the winners have to go to amazing places to get a chance at winning? Some hidden places, like Cultus Lake in Oregon, have great views too.  How do you go through all the submitted iPhone 360s anyway? That seems like it would be really hard! Is it possible for you to respond to this comment on how you sort through the 360s?

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