Summer Xbox Contest – Week 3 Winner

This week's winner of the Summer Xbox Contest,  gmprague, has used the Photosynth iPhone App not to create one single brilliant panorama, but to document a the scenic higlights of an entire city: Prauge (Praha in Czech).  Of the 23 panoramas he created that were eligable for this week's prize 4 of them made it into consideration for winner.  In the end we settled on Praha - Zahrady Pražského hradu as the victor.

Part of what made gmprague's panoramas stand out was his use of a tripod to make sure he was rotating the phone around a single point which results in a panorama with no distortions.  He even has a blog entry detailing his setup if you'd like to see what it looks like.

In all we had 632 panoramas by 195 photographers enter the contest this week.  There are still 12 weeks left in the contest.  Plenty of time for you to create an outstanding panorama, submit it and walk away with an Xbox with Kinect and the pride of seeing your work featured in our app.  You can find all the details on how to enter and official contest rules in the Best of Bing feature in the app. 

Tony Ernst on behalf of the Photosynth Team

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  1. natelawrence says:

    Tony, any news on things past Week 3? People are asking on the forum and I've been curious as well.

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