Announcing Photosynth for iOS v1.1 and the Summer Xbox Contest

Two months after our first version, we’re releasing the v1.1 of the Photosynth app for iOS.  We’ve taken the original, tuned it, and added features that you’ve requested.

First off, we’ve added in-app sharing via email and enhanced the saving of images to the device’s camera roll with the ability to crop.  We’ve also simplified the sharing process to allow you to share with Bing Maps (“listed”) at the same time as sharing to Facebook, similar to the existing Photosynth applications.


Speaking of which, with the incredible number of great panoramas that have been published to Bing Maps, we want to highlight the very best right inside the app. With the new “Best of Bing Maps” feature (available in the library) you can see regularly-updated amazing panoramas submitted by the app’s community.

In fact, to encourage more sharing, we are giving away an Xbox 360 with Kinect each week to the very best mobile panorama.  You can read the details, including official contest rules, in the “Best of Bing Maps” feature in the app.

We also are introducing some new features aimed at Photosynth power users.  You can now change the third-party sharing license in the Settings screen to any of the licenses already available in the other Photosynth applications.  Of course, a number of issues have also been fixed that should make your experience even better.

In closing, it’s exciting building an app that helps create of so many wonderful views of the world.  We’re also excited to be working hard on bringing this technology next to Windows Phone (but more on that another day).

- Eric Bennett on behalf of the Photosynth Team


Disclaimer for Summer Xbox Contest:
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to ages 14 and older who did not purchase any equipment for purposes of entering the Contest. Enter Contest by: 10/11/11. Void where prohibited.

Comments (32)

  1. Ralf says:

    What's about Android? What's about Android? What's about Android? (you know we nerds are annoing)

  2. Our next priority — for obvious reasons — is Windows Phone 7 Mango. After that we'll consider other platforms, including Android.

    David Gedye and the Photosynth Team.

  3. iPad says:

    Does it work for ipad too?

  4. Quinn says:

    Is there more info on the xbox contest?

  5. iPad: It works for iPad2, not iPad1

    Quinn: This first contest is only open to our mobile users. Details (including all the fine print) are available from within the mobile app in the "best of bing maps" section.

  6. ershad says:

    i cant sign in to photosynth!! it says invalid username or password! pls fix it!!

    iphone 3gs 4.3.3 ver 1.1

  7. abid says:

    wikkid app but a shame its not on their own platform wp7

  8. Raj says:

    When will the version for WP7 drop?

  9. amir says:

    As an investor of Bing, I'd rather see this on Android first and foremost. Not many people use WinPhone 7 – makes no sense to bring it there before Android.

    You'll get millions of downloads on Android within weeks. On the contrary, I'm not sure if there's even 1 million WinPhone 7 users?

  10. Peter says:

    @amir 7 Jul 2011 5:44 PM

    But making an application for a WP7 is like 123 and everything runs so fast and smoothly while making an application for Android takes much much more time because the Android is so awfully fragmented. I can tell you from my own experience. Even developing for iOS devices can’t compare to WP7 development.

  11. Seriously? says:

    @amir 7 Jul 2011 5:44 PM

    It would make sense for Microsoft to make an app for WP7. As they created the platform, they should be able to make an app for it.

  12. John says:

    There are more smart phones running Android than there are iOS devices with cameras. Android is #1, Apple #2, Blackberry #3. Why no Android app yet?

  13. rboerdijk says:

    I'd like it if it was possible to "force" to take a photo – when photographing nice & blue sky, it's almost impossible to get to to make a snapshot (it doesn't have enough reference material to figure out 'where' it is, I guess).  That often makes it impossible to have a true 360 panorama.

  14. Alex says:

    Cell phone panoramas are nice and all, but where are the dense point clouds? Structure from motion is what makes Photosynth unique, and it seems like you've stopped innovating there.

  15. Chris Lee says:

    I can't believe they still don't have a version for Windows Phone 7.  Steve Balmer should be fired for having absolutely no idea how to market a latest-gen smartphone platform or a consumer tablet OS.

  16. Jesper Johag says:

    I really love the well coded and intuitive PhotoSynth app and I use it more and more. But one thing I miss is an option to record sound. The panoramas would be even more atmospheric if one could hear the sound from the place where the photosynths are taken. A 30 seconds loop will do just fine…

    Or is it just me who thinks this would be in the next version?

  17. Jesper — We've thought about sound recording. I love the idea, but the experiments we've done suggest that mobile phone's microphones are pretty bad at recording ambient sounds. We've tried it at restaurants and bars, and the results are pretty awful. If you've had other experiences, I'd love to hear about them.

  18. stop begin pussies and develop for other platforms too, don't just make your bosses butts look goodby develop on Windows Phone 7…..

  19. Ashiq says:

    I don't think you're "pussies" except in the most positive sense of the word.. But it would be wonderful if this application was available on various platforms.. The implications are huge, possibly putting bing maps more "on the map"

  20. Amber pickard says:

    when will it be out for Nokia n8? Really would love to have it

  21. Sudeep says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz….make it for BADA OS too……..

  22. Ciccio says:

    Android version… plz…. make the other half of the world happy too…

  23. Aviv says:

    Have you written an API for it?

    Any intentions of opening the source to the community?

  24. Bob says:

    Excellent work photosynth team. And for all those whingeing, seriously, it's an amazing free app using great technology. I'm sick of hearing I want, i want , I want. Get over it. Buy another phone, or move on.

  25. Susan Amos says:

    Oh please bring it on for Android… Pretty please!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

  26. Susan Amos says:

    Android….. please please please bring it out for Android!!! Pretty please!!!! :D:D:D:D

  27. natelawrence says:

    Every time I see someone beg for a Photosynth mobile pano app for Android, I'm tempted to beg them to buy a Windows Phone.

  28. nitesh_bittu says:

    i would like to kno more abt thid technology…

  29. Terry says:


    "Android is so awfully fragmented" – please don't just repeat memes you've read elsewhere on the internet.  The 'Android is fragmented' mantra refers to the open nature of the Android app markets.  Because there's no real vetting of apps (or their developers), many apps that should be considered 'beta', or 'alpha', or even 'broken' end up on the market.  Android users, unlike iOS users, simply have to look out for themselves.

    The Android OS itself, however, is not 'fragmented'.  

  30. A real nerd says:


    29 Jun 2011 11:41 AM


    What's about Android? What's about Android? What's about Android? (you know we nerds are annoing)"

    ACTUALLY REAL NERDS KNOW HOW TO SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. karl140.6 says:

    Are we working on a version for Windows Phone 7


  32. Handymel says:

    Really need to get that Android port out.  I know Mango is a priority, but looking at the number of handsets already in hand and the number of windows users on google platform it should be out already.  Google users are Windows users….

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