Announcing the new Photosynth App

Demoed by Blaise in December, our mobile panorama app is now available in the iOS App Store.  The new Photosynth app takes the advanced technology of ICE panorama stitching and shrinks it down to a mobile device.  Create, view, and share panoramas all from the same app without needing a computer on any equipment other than your phone. 


As with all Photosynth technologies, continues to be the home in the cloud for everything you create and share (including your existing synths).  In fact, the Photosynth app can view any panoramas you created with the ICE application or the Photoshop Plug-In.  And, just like those panoramas, the panoramas from the Photosynth app are fully-spherical and interactive.

Check out a few results:  Museum of Flight, Seattle Japanese Gardens, and Volunteer Park.

You can build up a library of panoramas right on your device, share them as images to Facebook, share interactive panoramas hosted on, or publish them to Bing Maps.  Panoramas published to Bing Maps can appear on the Photosynth map app, with Bing business searches (if tagged with a business), and are searchable on

The Photosynth app is available now for iOS (iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch fourth generation, and iPad 2) in the iTunes App Store

Check out the About Page for all the details and take a look the video below.

Comments (30)

  1. Matthew says:

    Nice, but more importantly, when are you going to release this:…/37021

  2. Kevin H says:

    Clicking on the iTunes AppStore link from my iOS device doesn't appear to work

  3. Kevin — We've seen this too, intermittently. Apple is apparently re-indexing their App Store today. Try again in an hour is my only suggestion.

  4. Matthew — we love Johannes' work too, and definitely want to bring it to Photosynth.  It's the perfect compliment to panoramas.

  5. john mason says:

    Are you going to release a viewer app for the first gen ipad?

  6. Geo Boe says:

    Is there a legacy iPhone app for iPhone 3G still available?

  7. pigonastick says:

    hey, this is cool, but when can we expect an android app?

  8. amzer says:

    PLEASE make this app for the Android. I realize that you guys are doing this for free because you want to build up the Bing brand, so the best way to do this is by porting this to Android. Our Android user base is even bigger than the iOS and all the panoramas app we currently have suck.

  9. itsme says:

    Wow.  Hats off to all of you.  You did a great job with this application.  Don't worry about an Android version.  You would need to build a dozen or so Android versions to get it working on all the Android versions.

  10. natelawrence says:

    Kevin H, here is a iTunes link that is cleaned of all territory-specific gibberish:…/id430065256

    Geo Boe, this is the first mobile app that has allowed you to contribute photography to Photosynth (although it only allows you to contribute panoramas, rather than photosynths). If you're looking for the unofficial synth viewer, iSynth, here it is:…/id306891891

    To the Photosynth guys and girls, great work, I'll be looking for you on my Windows Phone. I hope the Android kids get some love soon too.


  11. amzer says:

    I disagree with Itsme – you do not need to developer a dozen versions to get it working on Android. That is just a common myth about Android development. Just get the app running on a Nexus S and you've done your job.

    It's time to bring Microsoft's greatest technology to Google's turf.

  12. Me says:

    What about the other views for the same synth?!

    I used the site once when it was released a long time ago to give it a try. It's a great idea. I was exploring some new synths and I didn't see the options for all the "views" available. In the one I created, there is an option for 3D view, Overhead (which I think is very nice) 2D view and Point cloud.

    I've download the app, but I haven't tests it yet. It seems very good.

  13. Erwin says:

    I downloaded the Photosynth App and it works GREAT!! Download it and it does all the work it self. Great work Microsoft.

  14. Semi-satisfied says:

    Love it, but wish I could export to something other than facebook ( email for instance).  Not all of us have been absorbed into the FB hive mind!

  15. Thomas Hayden (GigaView) says:

    You guys are my new heros!  As an avid Photosynth (Panorama) user with over 200 ultra-high resolution panoramas already up on, this app is a dream come true.  I've only been shooting panoramas in the hundreds of MegaPixels to tens of GigaPixels range for the last year, and uploading to Photosynth (primarily, but also to &  Browsing my work over the last year on my iPhone today has been like having my life flash before my eyes, but without the whole death part.  

    The gigapixel delivery combined with the spherical projection viewer is a quatum leap in the panorama viewing experience and it's placeable on Bing Maps (seriously, Google?) and it's sharable on Facebook!

    Oh yeah, it also allows you to shoot panos with you iPhone!

    Simply beautiful.  Thank you Bing Maps Photosynth Team!

    Check out my first year of gigapixel robotic photography by searching for "GigaView" on  Just got back from the Durham Bulls Athletic Park where I shot the season opener, have shot National Parks across the US (including Grand Canyon GigaView, a virtual tour by raft over 18 days on the river), and my first pro gigagig at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (42 images total – Exhibits, IMAX, Store, Submarine).

    Follow me on twitter @GigaView360

  16. gail says:

    first dol u even have a clue mervyn what is a panrama view or even what it stands for,and thanks jj and i get the message loud and clear….

  17. natelawrence says:

    @Me 2011/4/19 3:01 AM, the Photosynth site supports two different types of imagery: photosynths and panoramas.

    This mobile app for iOS (sadly, but understandably) only creates and views panoramas. To create photosynths, you still need to use the Photosynth app for Windows. You can at least view synths on an iPhone by using the unofficial iSynth app (check out its Orbit Mode!), but so far there's no way to compute synths on a mobile device.

    @Semi-Satisfied, according to one of the app developers, Steve Glenner, the app actually saves the finished pano to your phone's normal camera roll, so you're free to email it or use it in other apps as you wish. Here's Steve's tweet:…/60489029560446976

  18. natelawrence says:

    Readers of this weblog may also be interested in a post from Blaise about the app here:

    In the middle, he gives some great advice for getting the best results for your panorama.

  19. Henrik R. says:

    How come this has not been released for Microsofts own operating system Windows Phone 7? I find it quite funny that I only can use it on my iPod and not my WP7 phone…

    Best regards

    Henrik R.

  20. Leo F. says:

    Would also love to use this on my Windows Phone..please Microsoft Research..think of the cobbler's children..

  21. sam says:

    Make it for Androidddddddddddddddddddddd

  22. Why not Android? says:

    You guys need to release an android app!

  23. Semi-satisfied — we agree. Export to email is high on our list.

    Thomas — thanks for your kind word. Your photography inspires us all.

    Nathanael — Thanks for the correct link. Will be updating the one on our page tomorrow morning.

    And to everyone who is asking about the availability of the app on other platforms: The answer is that Windows Phone 7 is definitely next (we couldn't do it any earlier due to the unavailability of the correct APIs on the platform — yes, even to us!). We would love to release an Android version too, because we want to be wherever the smartphone users are, but commitment to an Android release will need to wait until we've got our WP7 one done.

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  25. Nick says:

    I'm not a great fan of Microsoft to be honest. But this iPhone app is amazing, including the online patform Photosynth.

  26. Brett says:

    Yeah, glad to hear a Win Phone 7 version is in the works. Kinda sad to see what MSFT is doing with their mobile phone effort, but since my buddies and I have WinPhone 7, we'd like to use this app!

  27. DC says:

    I love the app. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

    I experimented with turning it onto peoples' faces as they mugged for me and this is the result:

    Is there anybody else making jacked-up portraits with Photosynth?

  28. Hakki says:

    I second the Amzer's wish.  An Android App would be awesome.

  29. Simon monk says:

    Interesting app – bur I'd find the panoramas MORE interesting BEFORE you've stitched them together. More like the preview you get as you shoot. Since you obviously have this as a file, can't you make it an option

  30. guest says:


    If you didn't have your silly anti Microsoft bias, then you could have discovered the Photosynth online platform a long time ago.

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