Coming soon: Gorgeous Mobile Panos

Our architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, gave a demo to CNET today showing off a pre-release build of Bing's nifty mobile panorama capture tool. 

Expect to hear more about this in the coming months because the Photosynth site will be the Web access, sharing, and publishing point for these great experiences.

And make sure you watch the whole video -- the 2nd half of it is devoted to another great innovation from our Bing Maps team -- a "slidable" streetside experience. This is a dramatically better way to quickly get a visual on a business you are looking for than existing streetside/streetview experiences.  This one is available right now in the iPhone App Store in the latest version of Bing for iPhone. Here's the link:

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  1. Jake Fuller Dynamics says:

    To my dearest developers,

    I wish

    ~Photosynth can be made offline

    ~Photosynth can be viewed offline

    ~Photosynth editor so I can reposition the photos

    I love your job guys so don't give up, and advanced Merry Christmas

  2. natelawrence says:

    I'm looking forward to hearing more on this topic, guys, and I'm glad to see the ability to contribute coming to more platforms. I still wish that Mac users could contribute instead of only viewing the photography you host and Linux users are pretty much left out in the cold.

    I'd love to see Photosynth panoramas and synth photography be more openly accessible on Bing Maps: both to simply zoom into and also to register against with mobile devices. Henri Astre is beginning to do some interesting tracking of video against SfM feature sets:…/augmented-reality-outdoor-tracking-becoming-reality I think back to Blaise's 2010 TED talk, showing the tracking of live video against the indoor panorama and see the iPhone above visually tracking the live feed against the snapshots and itself and I hope that tracking against Photosynth point clouds or feature sets is also in the pipeline for mobile as seemed to be described in this talk: http://are2010blaise

    To Jake Fuller Dynamics: Don't hold your breath waiting for Photosynth to support offline synths. If you really want something like that, look into open source software like Noah Snavely's Bundler or insight3D.

    Bundler for Linux:

    Bundler for Windows:

    Josh Harle and Henri Astre have both created photogrammetry toolkits that attempt to make using Bundler (as well as some follow-up tools for more detailed 3D reconstruction) easier to use.

    Josh Harle's Photogrammetry Package:…/bundler-photogrammetry-package

    Henri Astre's Structure from Motion Toolkit:…/structure-from-motion-toolkit-released

    You should be able to use PixelStruct to view Bundler output:…/pixelstruct

    Here's the link for insight3D:

    Also, keep checking the MeshLab website for version 1.3.0. It isn't released yet and you would still need to be online to actually create the synth, but could give you a way to at least view Photosynths offline when it is released. Here's a little preview of its abilities:

  3. Liliya Goranova says:

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  4. Jake Fuller says:

    It be better if it can also be viewed in google earth?

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