Nat Geo’s "Sunken Treasures of the Nile" uses Photosynth

Set your DVR to record National Geographic's new documentary: "Sunken Treasures of the Nile" and watch as they plumb the river's murky depths to uncover some amazing new discoveries. It begins airing tomorrow, August 3rd.

Our friend Greg Downing from xRez Studio was part of the team that used photogrammetric techniques to document the artifacts, and he reports that Photosynth was used in several different ways: 

Photosynth played an unexpected key role in the film. We initially were using Photosynth to recover the point clouds and camera poses for creating 3D models, however we found that from the extracted point clouds we were able to create models and test the theories that the Egyptologist Philippe Martinez, the director Frédéric Wilner, and Kevin Cain from Insight Digital came up with during the day. By photographing the sites while the film crew filmed these experts we were able to test some of their theories in 3d by the evening, Photosynth not only played a role in the post for the film but was used in the film directly.

Click here to see the crew filming a stela that describes the transportation of enormous momuments by boat on the Nile.

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