Synth your World Cup Experiences

Ok fans, it’s been a long long wait but the 2010 World Cup is finally here. From June 11th to July 11th throughout South Africa 32 teams will go head to head to compete for that all important golden statue, oh and a little international fame obviously.

Here's gafsynth's great captured of the opening ceremony excitement.


Here at Photosynth we’ll be getting into the spirit appropriately, covering a range of South African synths and in particular anything football/soccer/fútbol related from around the world. So whether you’re a fan lucky enough to be on the ground in South Africa during the action (stadium synths anyone?) or catching the games on TV with your own unforgettable party (keep it clean!), we want your synths! 


To get involved you just need to get snapping your experiences, then submit your creations through the usual channels and tag them with ‘worldcup’. We’ll pick out your synths to feature on our homepage for some real community exposure plus the choice ones will have the chance to feature across Bing worldwide.

So it’s that simple, submit your World Cup related synth, tag it with ‘worldcup’ and we'll do the rest. Go on, make your country proud! 


Comments (5)

  1. gafsynth says:

    How does one add/edit tags after a Synth has been created – I can't seem to find a way?

  2. Paul Bar says:

    Nice competition.  Damn I wish I was in South Africa to take part (oh and possibly take in some football).

  3. David Gedye says:

    gafsynth: To add tags you need to be on the view page of one of your own synths, and be signed in to Photosynth. You'll see a big "Add Tags" button inthe lower left of the page when you're signed in, but not if you are not signed in.

    And by the way — great Opening Ceremony synths! As you will have noticed, our front page is devoted to your synthsw today. Love to see some synths of the public events surounding the World Cup if you're attending any of them.

  4. gafsynth says:

    David: mmhhh. Not sure how I missed the "Add Tags"…

    I really hoped to get one on the front page, but that many – wow! I plan to upload many more World Cup synths up this month – covering the World Cup soccer/art/public events etc. and South Africa in general.

  5. I just now stumbled across this technology.  Really impressed and as a photographer I definitely plan on uploading my photos as well!

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