2500 Panoramas published to Bing Maps

Today we made an update to Bing Maps that turned on the spigot for panoramas to show up on Bing Maps. Here’s an example:



Click here to experience all 176 megapixels of Castle Braunschweig on Bing Maps.


Since we launched the panorama feature in March there have been more than 7,500  panoramas created and uploaded, and more than 2,500 of them have been geotagged for Bing Maps. Today they’re all on the map, from Cairo to Wellington, and beyond. And yes -- new panos you create and geotag will be published to Bing Maps the same day – usually within an hour.


Want to know more about our panoramas? Here's the dirt: You use Microsoft ICE to make them, and they can be anything from a handful of photos to several gigapixels worth of imagery.  Our blog post from March explains the process.

For more info about the accompanying Bing maps update, see Chris Pendleton's post.

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