Take the Olympic Challenge

The winter Olympics are less than 3 weeks away. From February 12th to 28th the athletes will be competing in Vancouver and Whistler, and the Photosynth community will be covering the excitement as only we can.

Each day during the Olympics we'll be updating our front page with the best "Olympic Spirit" synths you create. If you get the top spot for a day, your synth will draw at least 3,000 views.  And that's not all: our friends over at Bing who manage their beautiful home page, will feature a link to an olympics-related synth if there's a really outstanding one. If that happens -- hold onto your quads -- your synth could get at least 50,000 views on the day it's featured.

Here's how it works:

If you're lucky enough to be going to Vancouver or Whister during the games: let us know! Drop me an email at photosynth@live.com, and  tell me what locations or events you're likely to see. We can't help you with tickets, but we can make you famous in the Photosynth community if you capture something wonderful.

For the rest of us who will be watching the games on TV and on the Internet, look for Olympic excitment wherever you are. Are you getting together with friends to watch the opening ceremony? Synth your party! Putting on your own backyard Olympics with non-traditional events? Let's see them!

Submitting a synth for the Olympics Challenge is easy: just tag it olympics and we'll notice it. Check back in with us from February 12th onwards to see the results.

Go for the gold!

Comments (6)

  1. You should provide a service to upload you photos for other people to add to their synths.  That way people who take a synth of a particular event can fill in gaps that they will never be able to fill otherwise.  You would have to require the Location, Event Name and  time taken in order for people to better utilize the photos in their synths.  

  2. You should also allow me to edit my posts so i can fix the word "you" in the first sentence to say "your" 🙁

  3. David says:

    Sorry about the impoverished state of our blogging tool. I will report this request to the folks at MSDN who control it.

    Re your suggestion about "crowd sourcing". We’ve tried experiments like this before, and have learned the lesson that without coordination, everybody shoots the "best bits" and nobody shoots the "boring bits".

    Part of the reason that I asked people to contact me if they’re going to be at the Olympics is to see if I could help with some of the coordination required to make a great synth of a venue or an event.

  4. mario says:

    me gusta la funcion por eso eligi usarla

  5. estrella says:

    como puedo descargar este programa?

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