Coming soon: Gorgeous Mobile Panos

Our architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, gave a demo to CNET today showing off a pre-release build of Bing’s nifty mobile panorama capture tool.  Expect to hear more about this in the coming months because the Photosynth site will be the Web access, sharing, and publishing point for these great experiences. And make sure you…


Photoshop to Photosynth

If you’ve seen the amazing stitched panoramas on the Photosynth site you’ve experienced the work of our friends in Microsoft Research who created “ICE”, the free Image Composite Editor that can stitch and blend immersive 360-degree panos of almost any size. Today they broke the lock that ICE had as the exclusive panorama stitcher for…


Comparing Crowds on the National Mall

Our friends at were contracted by CBS to shoot the aerial photography for crowd size estimation of two recent rallies on the National Mall. Photosynth is the ideal way to examine these photos, so without further ado here they are on the same page for comparision: Beck/Palin rally 8/31/2010. CBS News Commisioned Estimate: 87,000…


Nat Geo’s "Sunken Treasures of the Nile" uses Photosynth

Set your DVR to record National Geographic’s new documentary: “Sunken Treasures of the Nile” and watch as they plumb the river’s murky depths to uncover some amazing new discoveries. It begins airing tomorrow, August 3rd. Our friend Greg Downing from xRez Studio was part of the team that used photogrammetric techniques to document the artifacts, and he…


Synth your World Cup Experiences

Ok fans, it’s been a long long wait but the 2010 World Cup is finally here. From June 11th to July 11th throughout South Africa 32 teams will go head to head to compete for that all important golden statue, oh and a little international fame obviously. Here’s gafsynth’s great captured of the opening ceremony…


2500 Panoramas published to Bing Maps

Today we made an update to Bing Maps that turned on the spigot for panoramas to show up on Bing Maps. Here’s an example:     Click here to experience all 176 megapixels of Castle Braunschweig on Bing Maps.   Since we launched the panorama feature in March there have been more than 7,500  panoramas…


Strut your synths on Facebook

At long last Photosynth has joined the social Web. We’re happy to announce a much requested feature: sharing synths to Facebook. Every synth and pano viewing page now has a “share to Facebook” button. Click it, and you’ll get a wall posting that looks very much those produced by every other Facebook-aware app on the Web….


Power Failure

As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve been experiencing problems with the Photosynth site for a few hours.  Around 7pm PST one of the data centers hosting our servers experienced a power failure.  By unfortunate chance we were upgrading some of our database servers at the same time which caused a cascading failure.  Our engineers are working…


Synthing Singapore

Photo360: Showcasing Singapore to the World     Last week was pretty eventful and action packed for Singapore youth. As you might be aware Singapore is the host of the first ever Youth Olympic Games this year. In line with this national mega event, we took the opportunity to use Photosynth to showcase Singapore to…


Buttery-Smooth Gigapixel Panoramas

For the last few months we’ve been hard at work with the Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE) team to bring you the power to create and share beautifully stitched, seamless panoramas of almost any size.   In this release we’ve put two best-of-breed technologies together: ICE’s state-of-the-art automatic image stitcher that makes it easy to…