Mintz Family Christmas wins "Holiday Lights" Challenge

We received 27 submissions for the Holiday Lights Challenge -- a pretty good showing for our first competition.

The winner was the "Mintz Family Christmas". Great decorations, a good capture, and very useful highlights. Fun! Here it is:

The four runners-up were 2009 - Cook Family Christmas Display 2009 - Cook Family Christmas Display, Surace Family Christmas Light Display Surace Family Christmas Light Display, Metropolis mall - New Year lights Metropolis mall - New Year lights, and Holiday Light Display Holiday Light Display.

Congratulations everybody!

 If you like the idea of occasional competitions, please suggest ideas for the next one below.

Comments (5)

  1. Brendon Morgan says:

    I just can’t get excited about the waste of electricty.

    The synths are all very nice though. Well done to all.

  2. Tino2 says:

    Improved! 98% synth with more pictures!

    Um, How can I delete the message above?

  3. joneyes says:

    ah nice but not as easy going here then as in bing maps beta

    eheh am i right or am i right?

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