"You know my methods, Watson"

Dr. Watson didn't have access to Photosynth as a forensic tool in his day, but the makers of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie (opens Christmas Day) certainly do.

They've created a fascinating multi-episode game to promote the movie. It features a new Photosynth every week until the movie opens. Each of them were shot on set, and you need to explore them very carefully indeed to solve the mystery. Go to http://221b.sh/ to play the game.

 Here's a teaser to get you in the mood to explore the dark underbelly of 1890s London via Photosynth.   

Elementary? I think not.

Comments (2)

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    I see that you have to have a Facebook account in order to play the game. No thanks, I’ll pass.

  2. CarolYang8610 says:

    Thank you! Wonderful!

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