New release and a new UI

  The newest version of Photosynth is now live. There’s nothing earth shattering in it (we’re still hard at work on that). I did want to let you all know about some of the more noticeable changes, though.   You’ll see that the new, cleaner UI looks like this:   All the controls are still…


Aaron’s Love of Balls

Hello! I am Aaron Rincover, user experience designer at Bing maps and Photosynth. Today’s homepage photosynth selections are based on my love of spherical objects. Although they are all based on the sphere, each one tells a unique story. Through materials, textures, scales, colors and locations they convey feelings to the viewer. What I find…


"You know my methods, Watson"

Dr. Watson didn’t have access to Photosynth as a forensic tool in his day, but the makers of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie (opens Christmas Day) certainly do. They’ve created a fascinating multi-episode game to promote the movie. It features a new Photosynth every week until the movie opens. Each of them were shot on set, and…


Memories of the Berlin Wall

Contributed by Gerold Hübner, whom I met when I was photographing this section of the wall in the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. What does it mean to me as a German citizen standing right next to a real piece of the Berlin Wall here in the United States? Spontaneously there are mixed feelings….