Welcoming Windows 7 in Wet, Windy, New Zealand

Today, October 22nd, is Windows 7 Launch day. And New Zealand, being just west of the International Date Line, was the first country to kick off the festivities.

The NZ Microsoft team have made interesting use of Photosynth before, and this time they've made two great synth of their colorful (or should I say colourful) events. Here's a video of the two synths they made, and below it is the Aukland synth for your enjoyment.

From a technical point of view, it's quite suprising how well Photosynth did with the tight shots of the sea of umbrellas. The umbrellas are fairly featureless, and many of them would have moved a little between successive shots. Nonetheless, Photosynth found enough in common that it was just able to reconstruct the scene. The strange transitions between many of the highligts comes from this very fragile connectivity.

Extra credit to those who come from non-Rubgy-playing countries and know who Richie McCaw is, and why he appeared at the event.

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