Goodbye To Darius, Hello To Greg, And Changes To How Homepage Synths Are Selected

Darius Monsef, who has been our point man for the Photosynth community since he joined the team 10 months ago, has decided to return to his start up roots.  While Darius had an impact throughout our website, personally, his mission to "get rid of the green" and change the sites color scheme to the current the current shades of gray will be the action I am eternally grateful to Darius for.  Thanks Darius, you will be missed.

At the same time we say good bye to Darius we'd like everyone to say hi to Greg Pascale.  You may know Greg as the guy who created the iSynth App for the iPhone (check it out here).  A former intern, Greg has finished up school and joined us full time. It's always nice to have a new dev around to fix the old bugs that no one else wants to touch. Isn't he lucky?

One of Darius's duties was to select the synths we feature on the homepage - which usually change twice a week.  Rather than assign this task to one person, we're going to try something new and spread the responsibility across the whole team.  Each week, you'll have one of our crack engineering team selecting some of their favorite synths for the homepage and if they feel like sharing, writing a quick blog entry.

We're not sure how this will work, but it's worth a shot.

Which leads us to the next blog post...

Tony Ernst

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  1. Haonan Zhang says:

    Congrats Greg! Your hard work and talent paid off!

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