Photosynth Update: New Features & Improvements

Our small team has been working hard to improve the Photosynth experience and we just launched some new features and improvements to old ones.  We have a lot more features and improvements in the works and should be bringing you even more Photosynth goodness in the coming weeks.  As always we appreciate any feedback you have, don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts. There is a new contact page to make finding us a little easier too 🙂

And here they are:

Point Clouds in Silverlight!


Some great work has been done by Bret Mulvey, Ben Vanik & Mark Dawson to get the point cloud working in the Silverlight viewer and I think this will make the synth viewing experience much more awesome for our Mac & Linux friends. Take a look at the Silverlight Viewer here. (Press P to switch the viewer into point cloud mode)

Along with adding the point cloud to the silverlight viewer, a lot of improvements have been made for things like better object rotation, as well as lots of minor improvements and bug fixes.

Discussion Forum


Share your Photosynth ideas, get some photographic inspiration, ask a question or suggest a way to improve our technology… We’ve added the forum to make it easier for you to join in conversation with fellow synthers.  We’ll still keep our Get Satisfaction help & support site online as it provides a great tool for us to organize your technical issues and suggestions, but our on site forums make it easier for you to stay logged in on our site and quickly share your thoughts.  Join in the conversations.

Homepage Updates (New Icons, Links + Latest Post Title)


We’ve added two new icons to help you easily get to our Forum and Blog.  You can also now find links to the blog and forum in the main navigation in the upper right corner of the page.

We’ve also made it easier for us to keep you updated on the latest Photosynth news.  The latest blog post title will now show up in the bar below the big icons on the homepage.

Your Activity Area


Now when you’re logged in, you can not only see the latest comments on your synths you can also see what synths you’ve commented on and if there have been any replies to your comments.  As part of an overall effort to improve the community on Photosynth, we’re working hard to make it easier to communicate with your fellow synthers.  See if anyone has replied to your comments!

More Explore Views


When you’re exploring you can now filter down the most viewed and favorited synths to see what are the most popular synths that have been created in the last 7 days, 30 days or all time.  Explore the latest great synths.

Enjoy & Synth Well.


Comments (5)

  1. The activity area is cool but I’d like to see that same activity appear at alongside all of my other web activity that appears there.

    Please could you get together with the Windows Live team and make that happen.



  2. Awesome synth Darius! The new Silverlight version is very snappy, can we have the embed code for the SL version too?. Love being able to see the point cloud and navigate thru it.

  3. dariusmonsef says:


    We’ll work on some different ways for you to share your activity on Live and wherever else you live on the social web.


    I think the Silverlight embed should be available very soon… the point clouds are too cool not to share with more people 😉

  4. GameRate says:

    Just want to mention that I too very interested in SL embed code – any update when it will be available?

  5. robyn says:

    I just discovered photosynth, and was at first excited by the point cloud technology… very cool stuff. But with all these photos, why not take one step further and provide image based modeling? People would rush to see their stuff in manipulatable 3-D. And you could offer export functions and Photosynth could become a professional tool. thanks!

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