Capturing Inauguration Celebrations: D.C. Area & Worldwide

Don’t worry if you won’t be one of the possible million people in attendance… you can still participate by taking photos from the events wherever you are.   We'll be collecting your synths  from the D.C. area on a Live Search Map that we'll put online during the inauguration: After the inauguration we'll be creating a similar map collection to show your celebrations from around the world.

How to Participate

If you’ll be somewhere around the capitol, capture a Photosynth of where you are and upload it to When viewing your synth page, click the icon to Geotag your synth (Mark it on the map). We’ll be watching for inauguration synths and will be collecting the best on a special inauguration map. (Letting me know you created an inauguration synth will help us find all the good ones for the map:

If you’ll be anywhere else in the world, capture a synth of where you are and include your television when the oath is on the TV… there is a chance the television could become a portal directly into the main inauguration synth we’re creating.  This portal idea is something we’ve talked about before and some of our users have even experimented with: Synth in Synth: Germany – Sydney.  Some updates in the future to the Photosynth site will make it easier for these kinds of portals to be shared and explored. Create your synth and upload it to When viewing your synth page, click the icon to Geotag your synth (Mark it on the map).

Geotagging Your Synths


In order for us to locate your synth on our special inauguration map, or on any of our Live Search Maps we need you to geotag your synths.  You can do this when viewing your synth pages.  There is a globe icon below your synth title on the right side of the page.  Click that icon and place your synth on the map by finding your location and then clicking where you want the synth geotagged.  There is a save button at the bottom of that map popup.


P.S. This is a great resource for shooting good synths: Photosynth Photography Guide: Tips and Tricks


We’re excited about the synth collaborations that will capture this historic event and we thank you for helping us.  Celebrate safe and well.

Comments (9)

  1. Ron says:

    Can I save the Photosynth’s of the InAuguration?

  2. wayneamurphy says:

    Perhaps I can be redirected to where best I can comment about the topic.

    The pictures are great, but I feel there are some issues with the user input. If I am looking at a picture and have zoomed it to see the detail, why can a pan over without it zooming me out again to show me where the picure origin was. Panning is good that it can take me to the next picture, but since the next picture could/normally is from a different distance the UI doesn’t allow me to stay at the same distance from the subject I am looking at.

  3. Greg says:

    Sure would be nice if I could actually view these on one of my computers. How ever since photosynth is not yet a cross-platform solution, and I run Ubuntu, I cannot.

    The "cross platform" photosynth viewer based on silverlight doesn’t work, because it requires silverlight 2.0 and right now you can only get "Moonloght 1.0" for Linux.

    Come on Microsoft, get with it! The technology you bought for this CAME from Linux! Is it really that difficult to bring it back where it belongs?

    I don’t see where silverlight has a future if you guys cannot meet the need for cross platform support… and it’s too bad, because photosynth and silverlight are great ideas, they deserve to exist across the entire Net instead of being confined to MS’s propriertary world…

  4. says:

    Silver Wave like most MS software doesn’t work.  Wast of time.

  5. John says:

    I hit the explore button and someone put a pornographic synth up. That is unacceptable for it to pop up on the first page that I hit when I push the "explore" button. Remove it now and dont let it happen in the future. Seriously. Never again. These things need to be flagged. It is absolutly not ok for a large population of internet users.

  6. jlsxs says:

    Photosynth it´s not good because it must be private and not online. Must be for private use not online

    Thats one more way to control the world by using normal people making then to colect information around the world.

  7. jlsxs says:

    Were i get a private version for private use?

  8. julio says:

    Give me a home version please, i don´t want to put my photos on line. THANKS

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