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With the latest release to you can now mark your favorite synths, and we’ll let you see the synths that the most people have marked as a favorite in our new Explore page filter, Top Favorites.


As an incentive, we’ll feature the 10 synths with the most favorites here on the blog next week, so call your friends and family and get them to Favorite your best synths!




In a nutshell, here’s how it works:


Anyone who’s logged in will be able to mark a synth as a favorite by clicking the star icon after opening the synth. (You can click it again to remove the favorite.)


favorite star



Later, if you want to see a list of your favorite synths, just click your name at the top of the page (next to the search box) and then click “My Favorites”.



If you want to see someone else’s favorites just click their name to go to their profile page.



Comments (7)

  1. Jim says:

    I wanna know if I can get the 3d data after successfully synth?

  2. surfer777 says:


    It would be much better to be able to see author descriptions of each photo as they come up in the synth, e.g. "Pike’s Peak from the south".  Otherwise, it’s kind of hard to tell what one’s looking at.

    At a later step, maybe could allow people to add narration or music.

    Nice start.

  3. Gargo says:

    I like this program very much, so I will try to create the 3d map of our university. But it will be very hard for me because of expensive Internet connection

  4. QuadricWhisper says:

    I am hoping that someone can adjust the exploring to include a place to simply type in a page number. What I mean is, I regularly explore new synths. Quite often when I get to page 30 or so when I hit the "back"button after explorinig an interesting synth it starts me out at page one again. It is quite timeconsuming to scroll back through to the higher numbers. With 5 being the maximum number of pages available to choose from I think it is discouraging people from seeing alot of well done synths.

  5. JANDRES says:

    There are news of error "UNABLE TO OPEN" if use ISA SERVER with Auth NTLM??? alternatives?


    sorry my english

    Alguna noticia respecto al error "UNABLE TO OPEN" cuando utilizo ISA SERVER con Autentificación NTLM. Alguna alternativa?

  6. Ryan says:

    Maybe its been said or at least already thought of but it seems this program is only one step away from makeing synths from video. All that it would need to do, that it doesn’t already do, is run some code that extracted a frame of video at regular places in the the stream and save it as a picture.

    Also i’m intrested to see the final (stand alone) product. Hope it comes out soon I’m getting tired of uploading 100’s of multi gigapixel picture to the internet.

    Also (and i know this has been said) it would be great if the program could export a 3D model to a common 3D editor. I understand it isn’t an easy task but look at what has been done so far!

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