The Photosynth Team Is Hiring

If you're a world-class software developer or tester, come and work with us as we move forward on the next iteration of Photosynth and beyond.  A listing of our current job openings can be found here.

Comments (6)

  1. Jeremy says:

    Is there a connect site or forum for Photosynth to request features and report problem areas?

    We are in the middle of Mesh testing and it’s great and I would love to be able to give some ideas and requests for feature we would like to have as well as express some frustrations we have as users, businesses and consultants related to photosynth.

    Thanks you guys rock my first Photosynth was 36% out of 200+ photos.

  2. Nathanael says:

    Jeremy, please visit to offer suggestions, report problems, ask questions, and discuss topics with your fellow photosynthers.

    See you around.

  3. Jamie says:

    Im no software developer but I make a cracking cup of tea 😀

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  5. Photosynth is awesome!  I’ve worked with Digital Image Processing the past 15 years and I never (ever) see a simple and objective solution like that. I’m 100% sure third-part will love "play" with that.

    Do you guys have interest in expand horizons in terms of application? I have a ton of ideas.

  6. Chris Petty says:

    I would LOVE to be able to come up with ideas with this software. I’d work for free. 🙂 First synth was 97% synthy with 133 photos. I love point clouds and 3d environment building. Is there any beta/alpha program I could get into?

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