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Beautiful new synths are being added to the site hourly. Here are some we thought you'd want to see:

Here's one way to make politics more palatable.

If that didn't make you hungry, maybe this one will.

If you're into gaming, you'll definitely want to check out this synth of Warmachine Legends.

And here's a unique view of a woman you might know.

Share some of your favorite synths with us.  And be sure to leave comments on the ones you like.

Comments (2)

  1. Artsci says:

    Now and Then – Time bending synths

    Please take a look at this synth.

    Houdini on Mass Ave. Bridge

    Harry Houdini performed one of his "well known escapes" from The Harvard Bridge (also known locally as the "M.I.T. bridge" or the "Mass. Ave. bridge") on May 1, 1908, according to a marker at the south-east end of the bridge.

    Now and then.


    >Well done!  There’s something magical when you’re viewing this and the past and present photos get blended on the margins.

    >One of the features that we’ve long talked about adding to Photosynth is some kind of time-selector interface. That would be great to have here. It’s tricky of course, because if you totally ignore space in order to honor time you can end up with a fairly dizzying tour. Need some blend of both. Anyway — great synth!

    >Gorgeous – I love the effect of the faded historical photo with the modern shot in the background.

  2. You guys need to post a link to  A site devoted entirely to Photosynths of Disney parks around the world.  Virtually navigating the parks is ‘almost’ as fun as being there.

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