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We really depend on you, Photosynth’s users, to tell us what you like or if there’s anything that’s not working for you.  We also want to know about any features you’d like to see as we start working on the next version of Photosynth.   Just go to and post your comments.  We're keeping an eye on those discussions, so feel free to introduce a new topic, or make a suggestion for something you’d like to see Photosynth do that it doesn’t currently do.

Comments (14)

  1. Yuval Mishory says:

    Photosynth is an amazing technology. Congratulations on taking this non-trivial idea and making it into such an accessible service, and so successfully. I love the way the pictures morph into one another, and the ability to ‘dive’ into each picture is an added bonus.

    Keep up the great work, you guys! I have a few ideas on where Photosynth may be going, but I’ll discuss those at in length.

  2. Andy Houldsworth says:


    Just tried to install Photosynth on 64 bit Vista Ultimate with 16Gb RAM/5Tb I installed Photosynth, but it keeps telling me I need to install it.

    Have a QuadroFX4500

    Is is supposed to work on 64bit?

  3. bob says:

    I don’t know if it supports 64bit but did you try running it in the 32bit version of IE on your 64bit Vista?

  4. John the SeaMonkey User says:

    Looks cool, but could you maybe fix the browser sniffing for Gecko based browsers? They all should work just as well (and just the same) as Firefox.

  5. Hominatrix says:

    What a great product!  Are there are plans for a stand-alone version so the synths can be burned to a dvd, or viewed from another website?

  6. Erich says:

    I’m really looking forward to a Mac version.

  7. X360 says:

    This is one of the best applicatons ever made. It is amazing. Thank you very much for this. This is fantastic.

  8. Jess B. says:

    Great job!…I just created my first synth but how come I cannot see my synth on the recent synth link?

  9. Ivarlein says:

    Risk of boring.

    You have already looked at a dozen rooms? Well, want to look at a dozen more? No. Don’t think so. But I do love Photosynth.

    Yes, I know it: this is really a great program, but up tilll now 90 % of what is done( we have achieved) is testing.

    Proposal 1) Why dont you make a special testing area. So that we avoid having to look at 360 degree views of other people’s rooms. It is a waste of time.

    2) Maybe the Home page should contain a link to a page with pieces of advice; how to do it, what not do etc. I know there are blogs, but direct advice is more accessible than having to look through blogs.

    3) I miss the opportunity to scan earlier synths fast. You are giving me the opportunity to look at 5 + synths. Why not  100 ? And where are those from 5 days ago? etc.

  10. Chris says:

    the more pictures you have, the better. im going to extract every 3rd frame of a movie file i made and synth it, maybe you guys can have it so that you can just upload a movie and it will synth it out

  11. Jmmuggianu says:

    I think this is a really promising technology. I’ve made two examples very quickly with 83% and 100%. So it’s easy to get a good result very quickly.

    I’ve one question. I like a lot the cloud of points ( P ) and i’d like to get an interpolation between these points. I think it could help us very well to imagine the synth in 3D.

    But is it possible to do so ?

    Please, excuse my bad english-american, this is not my language.

  12. Denmark says:

    Photosynth keeps crashing my Firefox 3 browser, almost to an extent where it looks intentional (for for a little while – then total shutdown).

  13. David says:


    I love the concept, having done a few VR shots in quicktime, it compares well. I have noticed that the programme does not always link photos in the right (or logical) order. Is it possible for the user to define an order of  shot link-ups?

    I have realised that the more shots, with less movement, work the best. The subjects I take do not always have the sort of detail or texture that works well.

  14. Capt TLC says:

    Ive been panning for a while and this is awesome.

    I will post some aerials soon.


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