Exploring cool synths

We're delighted to see how many great new synths are being created every minute by people all over the world.  Here are some we wanted to share with you:

What are these guys doing?  It involves bicycles and ropes and it looks like it could be dangerous (or really, really fun).

If you like your fun on a more vertical plane, these French adventurers built a synth you'll want to see.

If you'd like to do some Photosynth tourism, we found this beautiful synth of Malta and a breathaking view of New York.  Make sure to zoom in really close--the detail is amazing.

And just to show you that you don't have to travel to some exotic locale to make a cool synth, check out these guys. After you open it, press the space bar really fast to see it 'in motion'.

And don't forget to tell us about the cool synths that you find--just leave us a comment.

Comments (17)

  1. Matthew says:

    Hey Guys,

    This is a really incredible technology, and fantastic experience.  Well done…there are so many applications for this, and that is really exciting.

    I’m wondering about how you might open this up in the future.  I own a small online retail business.  Don’t have huge profit margins, but would love to be able to use this to show certain products.  

    Will there be an option to embed links into the photos in the future?

    Also, will you guys be developing policy around allowing businesses to use this?

    Great stuff guys, plan to put up my first synth this weekend.


  2. Tim says:

    Guys, maybe I am a bit skeptical (sorry for this) but I do not see how a bunch of some torn pictures can be cool(er) than a professional hi-fi panoramic view and/or realistic 3d-model.

  3. Dave says:

    I cannot seem to get access to creating my own synth.  Is the system down or something?  Thanks.

  4. jack says:

    Who gives a s flying ***** about Mac. You seem to think based on the error presented when viewing the photosynth thing that non-ms windows users are Mac users. I want to make clear I’m NOT using MS Windows or Mac. Those two crappy platforms can die for all I care. Release a GNU/Linux version. Then again I really could care less given I haven’t seen anything of value out of MS anyway… ever.

  5. Yngve says:

    Seriously guys. I am taking off my hat for you. Never mind the hickups or the bugs after first release. This is truly a revolution in the way we view images and content. I’m just having a hard time understanding how you’ve made this possible.

    Photosynth is mindblowing, breathtaking and amazing!

    Thank you for giving this to the world.

  6. jt55401 says:

    This is cool – I like it better than a normal panorama, because you’re not constrained to a single view point.

    What I want to know is when photos from all users in a certain area can be viewed together – like all the Sydney Harbor photos.

  7. What better place to Photosynth than Disneyland?!  Here is the main entrance.


    Tonight I will start Photosynth on my 1,700 picture Main Street USA.  Hope it can handle it!

  8. jill says:

    @ jack – if you’ve never seen anything of value ever come out of MS why do you bother commenting. jealous of the success probably.

  9. david says:

    Here is one I made with 236 pictures of a single rock.  I was trying for a dense point cloud, and it worked quite well.


  10. Organizing, rating and commenting on Disney related synths at:


  11. Tim says:

    "This is cool – I like it better than a normal panorama, because you’re not constrained to a single view point."

    This depends on a panorama. Say, if you have sufficient number of 360 shots "you’re not constrained to a single view point" at the same time experiencing a truly realistic scene.

  12. Barry says:


    To appropriate the power of this technology – try watching this video:


    – and it shows that the current Photosynth is just a very early evolution of the technology, is set to become even cooler.

  13. stefanbohrer says:

    very cool web service; thanks for bringing this alive. When will it be possible to order panoramic pictures, also in Europe?

    keep going and thanks for the great work


  14. WOW FACTOR 10!!!


    View of the coast from the San Clemente pier.

    My first try and LOVING IT!!!


  15. Thomas says:

    It doesn’t work for me every time I click on the explore button and try to look at a picture it asks me to install again and again and again…….  Any idea what I am doing wrong?


  16. Devon says:

    ok so maybe im being a bit dorky but the synth of zanzibar from halo 3 is definitely one to check out

    the point cloud is pretty good too


  17. Ryan says:

    Here is synth I made of my car…

    It turned out to be quite nice 86%


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