Photosynth Is Back…

We have turned Photosynth back online.  Try it out at

We still have new synth uploads off for the moment, but will turn them back on shortly.

Comments (12)

  1. jon hanson says:

    BTW, you’re missing a "t" from "http" in the Photosynth link.

  2. @jon hansen

    Thanks.  We fixed it.  

  3. Tee says:

    All that waiting…wake me up when it works on a Mac.

  4. David says:

    Is it back offline again? I seem to have missed it.

  5. Jane says:

    Just checked it out. Very slow and not so impressive results.

  6. hippy dave says:

    i appreciated the honesty of the "Unfortunately, we’re not cool enough to run on your OS yet." message 😉

    any chance of a mailing list to sign up to, so we can be alerted when the mac version’s ready to run? cheers chaps.

  7. Formerly - but no longer :) says:

    I don’t have any computers with windows anymore (ubuntu rocks!) neither at home, nor at work. I was curious to see what this phtosynth is about but no, it’s not a reason to make me now buy a windows computer, especially that now all come with vista. If I have time I may try to see if I get it to work under wine: if google could make picasa work under wine, the upload app may also…

  8. Timmo says:

    Hopefully MS won’t make a "Mac" version. Got to keep some things for us loyal to the superior Window OSs.

  9. thehanu says:

    Well, it is running very very slow. Unless you are master in patience, you cannot do this. For some time, it says "Lot of synthing going on… try again". After I tried some 30 times in 10 minutes, it started and keep on doing "Generating imge titles" and is still going on for less than 12 photos.

    I like the application, but I have no clue why MS always fails in this (service) area especially in performance. If you have to replace these servers, just go do it before you completely disapper!

  10. Amund says:

    Hi, I started creating a synth a few hours ago and the progressbar have been "stuck" at "Publishing synth" for quite some time. I don’t think it has crashed, but it would be nice to have a better progress indicator, saying "uploaded 4 of 50 mb (8%)" or similar.

  11. James Rose says:


    I have having the same issue.  It has been on "Publishing synth" for 20 minutes, so far.  Task Manager reports that it is using 56.5mb ram and 0 CPU.

    I also noticed that I selected 295 images, however Photosynth showed "uploading 1 of 179" images.

    I’m going to keep the app running for the next few hours and hope it finishes.

    Also, my machine crashed once during the processing (NOT the fault of the app, I’m having some sort of hardware issue) and it would be nice it the app could pickup where it left off.

  12. Amund says:

    Found out by checking the log that it was completely uploaded, and 6 hours later it appeared on the site, so I guess it’s just to be patient and it will get there eventually

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