Meet some of the Photosynth team

Our friends over at Channel 10 managed to pry away from their keyboards three people who helped take Photosynth from great idea to released product.  Check out the video:


ShutterSpeed EP04 - The Photosynth Team

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  1. wieweet says:


    you sould realy make a offline version of this software verry soon! that can save the calculated data in an xml-like file… or something like that (.syn 🙂 ) i didn’t download the synthing software jet just becouse you HAVE to upload your photo’s… it might solve the server overload and the overload of test synths. poeple can then ‘practice’ synting at home and upload oanly there beautiful synth’s not the ‘just a cup’-ones.

    anyway reeeaaaalyyy coool pice of propgramming. _O_

  2. Glencannon says:

    You do realize you’re forcing me to buy a PC now, yes?  I don’t think I can, nor do I really want to wait for the Mac version to come out!


    This, Photosynth, represents the emergence of an entirely new medium/mode of communication that interfaces consumers and producers of digital artifacts.  We’ve never seen anything quite like this before.  I mean, it’s a mode that’s emergent in that it combines story telling, artistry, community, history etc.  And yet, is so much more because it does so in such a way that defines a concept (a synth or super-synth I guess in the future) and allows the exploration of that concept to be driven by the consumer.  Who can then add  back into it through tags or content or just by sharing…who knows what!  

    The effects of this have only just begun to be realized and I can’t wait to start contributing!

    To say well done feels so incomplete!  "BRAVO! ENCORE!  and of let’s not forget, W00T!!"  Yes, w00t indeed.

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