Windows HPC Server 2008 Resource Kit Now Available

HPC Server 2008 released in September, 2008.   The new edition of Windows Server is intended for traditional High Performance Computing workloads as well as new solutions perhaps leveraging the innovative service oriented Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) solution model.   The Resource Kit includes tutorials, whitepapers, videos, and solution samples.   The kit is available online at

Windows HPC Server 2008 RC2 Now Available!

The 2nd release candidate is now available for beta community participants.   You can download the bits by registering as a beta participant at   See the “Windows HPC Server 2008 beta program”. A significant new feature with RC2 is the ability to schedule jobs using applications designed to offload processing to multi-core graphics cards.   A…

Windows HPC Server 2008 Whitepapers Available Now

Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 Overview Data SheetHere’s a quick overview of Windows HPC Server 2008 benefits and features. Windows HPC – Version Compatibility & Coexistence GuideGet the basics for running Windows HPC Server 2008 and Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 side-by-side. Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 Storage Options and SolutionsCluster storage solutions that fit…

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) + HPC

You’ll want to review a new MSDN forum entry regarding this feature available with Windows HPC Server 2008 (currently in beta).   Read more here.