New Book – Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET

The Microsoft Patterns & Practices team has announced completion of their latest publication subtitled Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination of Multicore Architectures.   Draft chapters of this book have been available via CodePlex during the duration of the project.   There are now several available channels for printed and eBook acquisition.

Where to get the book

The printed book is available for pre-order from O’Reilly at Parallel Programming with Microsoft® .NET

The eBook is also available for download (today) from O’Reilly and Safari Books Online. Expect to see it at your favorite book store real soon!

The content is also available on MSDN Library: Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET.

Where to get the code samples

Accompanying the book are code samples for each chapter. This includes small code samples showing how to use each feature of the Task Parallel Library and a larger example for each chapter setting the pattern in a larger context.

You can download code samples from the Parallel Patterns CodePlex site. There are versions of the samples for C#, Visual Basic and now F#. You can also download answers to the questions at the end of each chapter from the CodePlex site.

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