New Parallel Computing Platform (PCP) Developer Resources

The Visual Studio Launch will open a new chapter for Developers writing Windows applications.   Included with Visual Studio 2010 are several new parallel computing technologies and tools.   C++ Developers will discover the C++ Concurrency Runtime and Parallel Patterns Library.   .NET Developers will appreciate the .NET4 Parallel Extensions and Task Parallel Library.   These technologies are accompanied by the new Parallel Application Debugger and the Parallel Performance Analyzer that enable new levels of insight into Windows application performance and correctness.  

I’ve also been quite busy recently organizing and creating new content for Parallel Computing Platform evangelism.   Please see the following summary of new resources.   Enjoy!


     New Hands-on-Labs on MSDN Code Gallery…!

     Now on MSDN Channel9…!


Visit the MSDN Parallel Computing Developer Center!

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