Extend Your Existing Windows Service with the New Windows Web Services API

The WS-* web services industry standard protocols are widely accompanied by managed-code end-point implementations.   With the Windows Web Services API (WWSAPI), you can connect your native client applications with web services as well as implement native web services.  WWSAPI, new with Windows 7 (client) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (server), is an implementation of WS-* family of protocols for SOAP based web services.  It enables several solution scenarios including:

· The ability to build web services in native C/C++ code on both Windows client and server.

· Achieve interoperability with web services implemented using Windows Communication Foundation, ASP.NET XML Web Services, and even services implemented using non-Microsoft implementations of WS-* protocols.

· The ability to build web services with minimal service startup time and minimal working-set dependencies.

· The ability to use web services in resource-constrained deployment environments.

· Avoid costly managed-native inter-op scenarios and achieve high performance web service end-point implementations. 

Learn how to develop with WWSAPI at MSDN Channel9 and find detailed samples on MSDN Code Gallery.

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