Windows Management Infrastructure and BITS Compact Server

Much of the online information (blogs, script archives, etc.) related to Windows Management fails to address the interests of developers but rather focuses largely on the IT-pro community.   Now, the Windows Management Infrastructure team (they own WMI, WinRM, BITS, etc.) have published a developer-focused blog.  

Check-out the WMI blog here:

With Windows Server 2008 R2, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) team introduces the BITS Compact Server.   This product provides application developers an “in the box” service to host files for BITS clients.  What's new with the BITS Compact Server is that there is now no need to also install/administer a full web server.  A key scenario being addressed is the transfer of a limited number of large files asynchronously between machines using https within a subnet/workgroup.  BITS can be leveraged as a complete bi-directional file transfer solution even by applications and includes several API's for interfacing from script, managed code, PowerShell, or COM.


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