InfoPath & SharePoint screencast demo

As  follow-up to the "hook InfoPath to a database" demo, here I'm taking a step back to a simpler form - building an InfoPath form to be used on its own in conjunction with SharePoint.

In the next few videos I'm going to cover:

  • InfoPath, xml schemas, and xml

  • An advanced InfoPath form connected to a database

  • Connecting an InfoPath form to a .Net web service

  • Connecting an InfoPath form to a SQL Server web service

  • eForms & workflow in SharePoint

(Just a reminder - this and other fun InfoPath 2007 stuff all covered in my book...)

 I'll also be covering more business intelligence content (SQL Server Analysis Services, ProClarity, PerformancePoint - stay tuned!)

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  1. Después de una semana un tanto ajetreada en el CII, noi podíamos faltar al tradicional recopilatorio

  2. rasx says:

    This was very well done. The assumption here is that you are going to cover solutions that only require Web browsers in a future screencast.

    This tacit assumption that everyone on the Enterprise will have an InfoPath client to read SharePoint data is very Zune-like. Yes, Office makes several billion dollars a week but, really, where’s the grace among the cash rich?

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