Corporate Blogs — Gradations of Value?

First, let me say once again, there has been no corporate pressure whatsoever to cut short my previous posting (Broken Windows Theory).  Nobody has said, or even implied, that I need to change anything about what I said.  So conspiracy theorists, please rest assured that The Man is not out there monitoring and censoring the…


Broken Windows Theory

Vista.  The term stirs the imagination to conceive of beautiful possibilities just around the corner.  And “just around the corner” is what Windows Vista has been, and has remained, for the past two years.  In this time, Vista has suffered a series of high-profile delays, including most recently the announcement that it would be delayed…


Red Rain

Tuesday morning, 9:00 AM.  It’s sunny in the flat outskirts of San Antonio.  Wisps of summer’s residual heat serve as reminders that it is, after all, only September.  A child cries loudly on the tarmac.  Strangers – stand, sit, stroll, play – blithely near the child.  Not to worry:  surely its mother is at hand….


Everybody Wants to Rule the World

[An article a year ain’t bad, I suppose.  After being Slashdotted on Show Me the Money and having several reporters call my home based on Brin and Bear It, it looked like a good time to take a breather.  But I’m back, this time with a gripe.] It’s become very hard at Microsoft to find…