After all this time, finally got around to starting this blog.  The World As Best As I Remember It will be centered around topics in software development management -- not technology itself, but the management of software development process and the industry in general.  Rants and raves about the world sprinkled in between for crunchiness.

Quick professional bio:  I'm a software development manager on the Tablet PC team at Microsoft.  Previously a developer on Microsoft Money and Microsoft Word.  Web developer at the University of Maryland.  Taught C++ and XML at University of Washington.  Co-authored Building Tablet PC Applications, the Microsoft Press book for Tablet developers.

Glad to sign on.  Let's go!

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  1. Philip,

    Welcome to the blogsphere. As a student at U of M when are you coming back? Last time you came you gave a presentation on the tabletpc and it was great. Anyway welcome.


  2. Philip Su says:

    I’d love to come back to UM to meet more students and give another talk! Unfortunately, recruiters have been contacting me less and less to do this work, now that I’ve graduated 6 years ago and am probably getting out of touch with the current batch of students. Small world — glad you enjoyed the talk, Steve!

  3. whoa… I have "Building Tablet PC Applications [Jarrett, Su]" on my desk…

  4. Not Spam says:

    Your blog is named after a Rich Mullins album?

  5. Philip Su (author) says:

    Yes, it’s named after the two volume Rich Mullins albums. I really enjoy his music. Too bad he passed away.

  6. drebin says:

    You worked on Word and Money??? I’ve always wondered – what was that like?

    I mean, do you work on just certain screens? How did you handle team development (organization-wise and software-wise – VSS I assume?).. and what was that written in, C++ I assume? How many people would work on a release of something like Word?

    That would be an interesting blog entry one day.

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