T4 templates for WCF Data Services Part–II, Client Code-Gen

Click here to download. GenerateDataServiceContext.tt generates a strongly-typed DataServiceContext type based on the service description. GenerateEntityTypes.tt generates the client-side proxies for entity types exposed by the OData service. GenerateViewModels.tt ( Silverlight Only ) generates viewmodels based on the entity type and provides some ease-of-use apis. More documentation coming soon.


Lessons learnt building the Windows Phone OData browser

One of the reasons for re-building the OData browser for Windows Phone was to experience first hand the issues our developers face when writing an app for the marketplace that uses the client library my team produces. This blog post describes what I learnt as a developer on the OData browser and what feedback the…


OData Browser for Windows Phone 7

Since the company got me a Windows Phone 7 device and also paid for my developer account, I feel obligated to put an application for the market place out there. Hence. we have the OData browser for Windows Phone 7 . I am currently testing with a couple of brave beta testers and will be…


Update on the Windows Phone 7 OData Client Libirary

Team blog post here : WCF Data Services Client Library and Windows Phone 7 – Next Steps And some sample code for more context. With the Linq pattern, here is what the code for downloading the first 10 customers would look like : DataServiceCollection<Customer> customerCollection = new DataServiceCollection<Customer>(Context); customerCollection.Load(Context.CreateQuery<Customer>("Customers").Take(10)); Now, with the URI pattern, this…


Windows Phone OData sample application updated for July 2010 Beta release

With the latest release of the Windows Phone tools, the OData sample Netflix application has also been updated. Here is where you get the latest Windows Phone Tools :  Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta And here is where you get the latest OData sample application : ODataOnWinPhoneSample_July2010Beta.zip Original blog post here : Developing a Windows…


Developing a Windows Phone 7 Application that consumes OData

Click here to download the source for this application System Requirements : 1. Windows Phone 7 Developer tools 2. The OData client library for Windows Phone 7. We start by running Visual Studio 2010 Express For Windows Phone which is installed as part of Windows Phone 7 Developer tools. Step Zero is to generate the…