T4 templates for WCF Data Services Part–II, Client Code-Gen

Click here to download. GenerateDataServiceContext.tt generates a strongly-typed DataServiceContext type based on the service description. GenerateEntityTypes.tt generates the client-side proxies for entity types exposed by the OData service. GenerateViewModels.tt ( Silverlight Only ) generates viewmodels based on the entity type and provides some ease-of-use apis. More documentation coming soon.


Implementing Server-side Sorting/Paging for OData feeds in Silverlight Controls ( DataGrid, DataPager, DataForm )

Download sample application and source here This blog post was written almost a year ago, but lethargy and constant revision has made me realize that good blog posts are hard to write. Background Nuts and Bolts Using this in your applications: Vote to get these features in the DataServiceCollection<TEntity> type Background When the DataGrid shipped…


Update on the OData Explorer

Seeing as it is that Silverlight 4 RTM just went live , You should see an error message that says that the application is written for an obsolete version of Silverlight. We are working on updating the explorer to SL 4 RTM. Please bear with us while we update the sources and go through some…


Building SL3 applications using OData client Library with Vs 2010 RC

So , here you are trying to build an awesome OData client application in SL3 using the V.S 2010 RC’s just as amazing Multi-targeting support for Silverlight applications. You’ve downloaded the SL3 CTP3 assembly from here and unzipped the System.Data.Services.Client.dll file to a local folder c:\temp\SL3_CTP3_OData_Client ( your folder may vary ). Using a V2…


Announcing the OData Explorer

What is the OData Explorer ? As the name suggests, its a Silverlight application that can be installed in-browser and out of browser , and allows you to perform ad-hoc and guided queries across a given OData Service. Where can I get the sources for the OData Explorer ? In the “OData SDK – Sample…


Using the ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight client library in x-domain and out of browser scenarios – II (Forms Authentication)

Click here to download sample application  Using the ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight client library in x-domain and out of browser scenarios – II (Forms Authentication) In this blog post, we will talk about using the Silverlight Client Library against a Data Service that is secured with Asp.Net Forms Authentication In short, the whole process of…


ADO.NET Data Services SL Client Library – XDomain and Out Of Browser

The first in my two part blog posts about the new Silverlight Client Library we released in CTP2 is up on the team blog. Using the ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight client in x-domain and out of browser scenarios – I Stay tuned to the team blog for the the second  part which talks about using the…


Silverlight toolkit with ADO.NET Data services , Drill-down Charts using Astoria

Download sample project here : In part 2 of this series , we will look at using the Astoria client library to create a drill down chart using the chart types available in the Silverlight toolkit. You can take a look at the complete samples for the Silverlight toolkit here. This sample builds a UI…


Silverlight toolkit with ADO.NET Data services , Master-Details with Accordion

Download the sample Silverlight project here : About the Silverlight toolkit  , From their Codeplex page : http://silverlight.codeplex.com/ “The Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of Silverlight controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal Silverlight release cycle” In the first of a series I am planning , we will talk about how to achieve…


ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight Project Error : System.IO.FileNotFoundException

Imagine this , you just downloaded the Astoria V1.5 CTP1 and are happily chugging along and decide to make a Silverlight Project that uses the latest Silverlight client library to make some cool app. You open an existing Silverlight app  /create a new Silverlight app , and generate the client types by running “Add Service…