THe Astoria Team Is hiring !!!

Yep , we now have open positions for a few testers who get to work on the next generation of Data Protocols. Some advantages of working on the team : 1. You get to work with Pablo Castro 2. We have annual ski events which are always fun 3. The team is filled with some…


Astoria Ski Day V2

I buckled under peer pressure .Here are the pics from the  2nd Annual Astoria Ski Day . Explanations will come soon . If you have a facebook account , here are the same pictures ,tagged. Astoria Ski Day V2


The halls are empty

I probably brought this onto myself by taking all my vacation time in November to go back home for a month long visit. Now that its December , almost 80% of the team is on vacation and I am in office. Its not just my team , most of my floor in building 35 is…


Happy Birthday to Me , Again!!!

  Its that time of the year again ! I grow a year older ,every year , on the year. This happened to me last year too and I have a strong suspicion it will happen next year too . Stuff I did over the last year . 14th Jan 2008   ,  Joined the Astoria…


SuperHero Dreams – 3

I dream I am Robin, I am the only ray of color in Gotham’s dark nights, I skip , I jump , I punch and prance, like a graceful hippo’s dance. I would jump off a rooftop, Good God this is painful to write , I think I’ll stop.                                             -Robin ( Dick Grayson…


SuperHero Dreams – 2

I dream I am Captain America, I would represent grand ideals beyond personal grief, I would be looked up to and I would be loved, I would fight to survive , not survive to fight, I would silence desperate screams, I wouldn’t need to dream.                                                          -Batman ( Bruce Wayne )


SuperHero Dreams – 1

I dream about the night I dream I am batman driving the batmobile , all black I dream I am punching bad guys , Without having to hold back I dream I have a credible disguise, and on my arrival , bad guys act Surprised. I dream I have a cool bat cave, and all…


REsT In Peace

So , I finally made a move from my job in PSS to the product I enjoyed playing with most , ASTORIA ( ADO.NET Data Sources ). Of course, this means that I have moved from half-way across the world to join the team in Redmond, WA. About a week after I joined , we…