Accessing Cross-Domain ADO.NET Data Services from the Silverlight Client Library

When we built the client library for Silverlight in Silverlight 2.0 , the underlying Network Stack provided by Silverlight core libraries was very limited in terms of the Status Codes and Request Verbs that it supported.Our options were : a) Use the System.Net libraries provided by the agClr and give a limited subset of the…


Viewer Mail , #1

Disclaimer  : These are my thoughts and opinions , although I work on the Astoria team , I am not the voice of the team.The team has its own voice and can be heard here : Project Astoria Team Blog Hola ! I am interrupting my regularly scheduled blog post to  answer some really interesting…


Astoria & IIS , HTTP 400 Bad Request on Posting Large Payloads to an astoria service

We’ve seen this in the labs and also reported by our customers on the forums, If you try to post  a large amount of data to an astoria data service , you might receive a response code Http 400 Bad Request even though the response data is valid. An ADO.NET Data Service sits on top…


DataServiceContext , Detect if there are pending changes

Hi , I ran into this interesting scenario in the forums today . How does one find out if there are any pending changes in the DataServiceContext that you have to submit to the store ?   This is quite simple actually . The DataServiceContext has 2 collections called Entities and Links. These collections contain…


Ajax preview 2 : Declarative Instantiation of AjaxControlToolkit Controls

Today ,we will talk about using the Declarative Syntax to instantiate certain AjaxControlToolkit Behaviors . Step 0: Figure out which are the script files needed for the Behavior to work and include the appropriate Script       references  in your page . For the PopupControlBehavior , the script files would be : AjaxControlToolkit.ExtenderBase.BaseScripts.js AjaxControlToolkit.Common.Common.js AjaxControlToolkit.Compat.Timer.Timer.js AjaxControlToolkit.Animation.Animations.js AjaxControlToolkit.Animation.AnimationBehavior.js…


Documentation for the AjaxControlToolkit

Ready for some documentation for the ATK controls ? To skip my journey to create this , download the Documentation ( in CHM form) here : AjaxControlToolkit Docs Step 1 : Using AjaxDoc to generate the file required by Sandcastle    1.0) Download AjaxDoc here .    1.1) Download the Latest Source for the…


Entities , How many ways do I count thee ?

Its a common ask that we introduce aggregating mechanisms in Data services so that one can do a Count of the number of entities present in an EntitySet easily. In this blog post , I will outline one method of implementing a “Count” method that works for you. The interface to the count method will…


MSDN Docs for Data Services RTM

Client Library : System.Data.Services.Client Server : System.Data.Services White papers coming soon !!


Working with Associations in ADO.NET Data Services

I’ve seen that users are having some question about how to deal with certain types of relations between entities and how to deal with them in the client library.I will outline the a couple of common scenarios of using the client library among a few relationship types. I’ll be using the AdventureWorks Database for examples…