T4 templates for WCF Data Services Part–II, Client Code-Gen

Click here to download. GenerateDataServiceContext.tt generates a strongly-typed DataServiceContext type based on the service description. GenerateEntityTypes.tt generates the client-side proxies for entity types exposed by the OData service. GenerateViewModels.tt ( Silverlight Only ) generates viewmodels based on the entity type and provides some ease-of-use apis. More documentation coming soon.


Lessons learnt building the Windows Phone OData browser

One of the reasons for re-building the OData browser for Windows Phone was to experience first hand the issues our developers face when writing an app for the marketplace that uses the client library my team produces. This blog post describes what I learnt as a developer on the OData browser and what feedback the…


Update on the Windows Phone 7 OData Client Libirary

Team blog post here : WCF Data Services Client Library and Windows Phone 7 – Next Steps And some sample code for more context. With the Linq pattern, here is what the code for downloading the first 10 customers would look like : DataServiceCollection<Customer> customerCollection = new DataServiceCollection<Customer>(Context); customerCollection.Load(Context.CreateQuery<Customer>("Customers").Take(10)); Now, with the URI pattern, this…


Implementing Server-side Sorting/Paging for OData feeds in Silverlight Controls ( DataGrid, DataPager, DataForm )

Download sample application and source here This blog post was written almost a year ago, but lethargy and constant revision has made me realize that good blog posts are hard to write. Background Nuts and Bolts Using this in your applications: Vote to get these features in the DataServiceCollection<TEntity> type Background When the DataGrid shipped…


T4 templates for WCF Data Services, Part -I

Click here to download sample application As part of a series of blog posts about how to enhance the WCF Data Services development experience, I will be releasing some of the T4 templates that I use for generating common code. In this post, I will talk about augmenting the Server-side WCF Data Service by generating…


Server Driven Paging II , Implementing a Smart Auto-Paging Enumerable

Download Sample Application What is this ? How do I use this in my applications ? Cool, I am also interested in learning how this was built 2. What is this ?          An “Auto-paging Enumerable” is an IEnumerable implementation that allows the application to         automatically fetch the next page of results if the…


Server Driven Paging With WCF Data Services

Download Sample Application Server Side What is SDP ? Design notes Blog post , Channel 9 video Enabling SDP on the server. Setting Server-side paging limits in InitializeService. How to detect if a set is paged from the server-side. How QueryInterceptors affect the next link Uri. Navigating the next link Uri in the browser Client…


A Checklist for OData Feed publishers

Here’s a minimal checklist to make sure your OData Service is available to a maximum number of clients and very functional out of the box . I’ll add more items to this list as we go along. Allow Silverlight clients to access your data. Silverlight applications running on a domain other than the one the…


ADO.NET Data Services : Efficient Error Handling across Application Tiers

While developing an application that spans multiple tiers , it is important that you be able to flow error information through the tiers without losing any context or details in the tiers. With ADO.NET Data Services , we have an error contract which guarantees that all errors thrown from the Data Service , wrapped inside…


Please welcome the JAVA Client for ADO.NET Data Services

The new Java client joins a growing family of clients for ADO.NET Data Services, which include: Ajax , Silverlight , .Net FX ,Dynamic Data, PHP . Here’s some documentation about the Java client http://wiki.restlet.org/docs_2.0/13-restlet/28-restlet/287-restlet.html.