OData Browser for Windows Phone 7

Since the company got me a Windows Phone 7 device and also paid for my developer account, I feel obligated to put an application for the market place out there. Hence. we have the OData browser for Windows Phone 7 . I am currently testing with a couple of brave beta testers and will be…


ADO.NET Data Services : Efficient Error Handling across Application Tiers

While developing an application that spans multiple tiers , it is important that you be able to flow error information through the tiers without losing any context or details in the tiers. With ADO.NET Data Services , we have an error contract which guarantees that all errors thrown from the Data Service , wrapped inside…


Please welcome the JAVA Client for ADO.NET Data Services

The new Java client joins a growing family of clients for ADO.NET Data Services, which include: Ajax , Silverlight , .Net FX ,Dynamic Data, PHP . Here’s some documentation about the Java client http://wiki.restlet.org/docs_2.0/13-restlet/28-restlet/287-restlet.html.


Using the PHP Toolkit with ADO.NET Data Services

Setup PHP on your windows machine Setup the PHP Toolkit Setting up the PHP samples on IIS Running the sample ADO.NET Data Services PHP Sample Applications Walkthrough Setup PHP on your windows machine The following steps show you how to setup your windows machine to host PHP applications. We will be talking about hosting the…


ADO.NET Data Services SL Client Library – XDomain and Out Of Browser

The first in my two part blog posts about the new Silverlight Client Library we released in CTP2 is up on the team blog. Using the ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight client in x-domain and out of browser scenarios – I Stay tuned to the team blog for the the second  part which talks about using the…


PhP and Astoria = PHASTORIA !!

More details here : Announcing the PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services Look forward to future posts on this blog about working with the PHP library and Astoria Services.


Silverlight toolkit with ADO.NET Data services , Drill-down Charts using Astoria

Download sample project here : In part 2 of this series , we will look at using the Astoria client library to create a drill down chart using the chart types available in the Silverlight toolkit. You can take a look at the complete samples for the Silverlight toolkit here. This sample builds a UI…


Silverlight toolkit with ADO.NET Data services , Master-Details with Accordion

Download the sample Silverlight project here : About the Silverlight toolkit  , From their Codeplex page : http://silverlight.codeplex.com/ “The Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of Silverlight controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal Silverlight release cycle” In the first of a series I am planning , we will talk about how to achieve…


Set Based Operations in Ado.net Data Services Part II

As an extension to the last blog post dealing with Set based filter operations in our client library ,we will introduce support for the specifying method calls in the filter expression.What does this achieve ?Currently , the IsIn operator only supports an equality comparision. With support for Method Calls , you can now select entities…


ADO.NET Data Services Friendly Feeds , Mapping EDM Types – I

As I mentioned in my last blog post , here are some samples of how to map your entity properties to Atom/custom markup in the atom:entry element. You can apply Friendly Feed mappings on the EDM entity types by adding attributes to the CSDL of the Entity Data Model . We will focus on the…