Upcoming edits to the OData Explorer.

This blog post outlines some key changes to the OData Explorer which should be published soon.
Take a look below and let me know what you think.The overall theme is simplicity ,
we’ve removed a lot of superfluous cruft in the UI . Also, moving to OData Library and
Edm Library has helped me get rid of pesky bugs that existed in the last version.

Add new workspace window


Browse collections exposed by an OData Service.




Get first 50 rows from a collection in the OData Service.


Filter by reference navigation properties in the Query Builder menu.

If a type Product has a  1:1 relationship with Categories, you can filter a Products by properties of its


Clicking on “Edit” next to each row in the grid brings up the edit menu which allows you to :

Edit property values and save to the server .

Edit Raw ATOM for an entity and save to the server

Use this feature to send malformed ATOM payloads to your service and test how the server handles it.


Edit Raw JSON for an entity and save to the server.

Use this feature to send malformed JSON payloads to your service and test how the server handles it.


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  1. Mike, yep its still alive.It hasn't grown at all in the past year or two. I'll make another blog post with the current status of the project and what we'll be doing in the future.

  2. Michael Washington says:

    I am glad it is stil alive. It is a good program and an example of how great OData is. I cover the OData explorer and LightSwitch here: lightswitchhelpwebsite.com/…/Using-The-OData-Explorer-with-LightSwitch-OData.aspx

  3. Alex James says:

    Actions support?

  4. John Bowyer says:

    Where can I find a copy of the odata explorer?



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